Lesotho Videos!!!

Here are links to All Over the World: Lesotho.  This is a wonderful video, which features the work MAF does where we will soon live. The video is  30 minutes long, broken into three 10 minute parts.  Check it out…

Part 1: http://youtu.be/vZmfNCmSPCo

Part 2: http://youtu.be/zBtYNPKGINA

Part 3: http://youtu.be/x-q6bV_x0j0

Homeward Bound

Our candidate class

Wow!  The past month has been a crazy ride.  We arrived in Nampa ID by January 9th…we were not a part of MAF and felt called to Indonesia.  During the first two weeks God opened our hearts to serve Him wherever that may be.  It’s crazy to look back at these events now because it feels like we have known about the DRC for years.  Our time at headquarters was like drinking from a firehouse.  We learned so much and worked so hard and really grew.  MAF is such an amazing God honoring organization and I am proud to serve God through them.  I was blessed to spend a month with the people in our class.  I will remember our time together for many years and am excited to see how God moves and works in each persons life.


MAF exist in the DRC to meet  physical and spiritual needs displaying Christ’s love through our actions and words.  We are a two fold mission based on the great commandment/commission to love our neighbor and to see the Gospel spread to all nations.  I see the airplane as a tool that brings hope and shares compassion on a people that have been shown very little.

photo by Stan Lincoln

We are ambassadors for Christ where we live and where we fly (work).  The two cannot be separate.  Extra attention is placed on us because we are from the West, we have white skin and therefore to the locals we represent Christianity.  It is not enough to praise God in name, but our actions must follow.  It will be my desire and challenge to serve God not only in my skills as a pilot, but my heart to serve the people that surround me in everyday life.

photo by James Geenelsh

Despite challenging circumstances MAF has done some amazing things with the aircraft in the past several years.  The airplane has allowed MAF in one year alone to…

  • Execute 1,549 flight, transport 5,138 passengers, and deliver 684,638 pounds of cargo.
  • Supported Doctors Without Borders and Medair to conduct mobile health clinics.
  • Continued transportation of SIL International, supporting 10 Bible translation projects.
  • Transported Bibles and food for the Bible Society.
  • Continued training Congolese staff to support the MAF flying mission.
  • Continued flight services supporting Christians and humanitarian organizations North of the country in close contact with the LRA.
  • Much much more….

    photo by James Greenelsh