Amazing story from DRC

Jon Cadd is a pilot currently serving in the East DRC.  I read some post from his blog and it’s quite amazing the different things he has experienced flying with MAF.  I wanted to share one story that touched me.

The DRC has had a history of war and violence.  In the late 90’s the Country was engulfed in war known as the “African World War” involving 9 nations, 20 waring groups killing an estimated 5.4 million people.  As you can imagine almost every person has been personally affected by such fighting and hate crimes.  A legacy of revenge and retaliation permeates the DRC so that violence continues to this day.

National pastors got together and started an group called Organization, Evangelism, Intercession and Liberation (OEIL). Jon (the MAF pilot) got to fly these pastors to villages around the DRC and put on redemption clinics with amazing results.  People were touched after hearing the Gospel and symbolically nailed their sins written on pieces of paper to a cross.  One testimony was written in an MAF magazine called flight watch “At one reconciliation march in Bunia, some militia members shared their testimonies and expressed sorrow and regret over what they had done.  They asked the people for forgiveness, sharing about how Jesus was transforming their lives and eliminating the violence.

reconciliation conference

men asking forgivness

nailing sins on cross

Not only did the transformation occur personally, but the men involved in the violence met with people tragically effected and prayed for forgiveness and expressed their sorrow.  Jon said, “ It is remarkable that they can even get the two sides together in the same building. But they do and both the people who have been hurt and the men who have done these very acts of terror are as excited to have forgiveness from the torture of living with their sins.