Leaving home to go home

We’ve had a good time America. It’s been real. For five months we’ve eaten fast food, visited with dear friends, spent time with family, enjoyed yummy coffee, had unlimited phone and internet access, spent a lot of time as a family, enjoyed the kids in school explored the outdoors, experienced many firsts like Chloe’s first fruit-by-the-foot,

and much more.

On January 1st, 2017 at 5 am we fly out of Pasco, WA and head back to Lesotho (Luh-sue-two), Southern Africa. We will have layovers in Denver and D.C. before boarding a direct flight to  Johannesburg, with a potential stop for fuel on the way. Then we stay the night in Joberg and drive the 6 hours the next day with our co-worker and cross the boarder, and we will be home.  It should take about 50 hours ish door to door. Please pray we make all our connecting flights, as we have short layovers.

We served in Lesotho for 3 years, and we were home for 5 months. Because our company Mission Aviation Fellowship has recently changed their furlough policy our next “term” with MAF will be about 21 months, then we get to come state side for a month and then back to Lesotho for 21 months, then state side again for 5 months. Although the one month and the five months is flexible depending on the program, so we’re hoping for 2 and 4 or 3 and 3 we think. Either way, point being, we won’t be gone for quite as long this time. I’m, Carolyn, excited about this news, Matthew on the other hand could stay in Lesotho forever. I’m excited to get back now so that he can get back to “work” and start to really feel fulfilled in his position of service again. We don’t sign a contract with MAF, so the future is unknown as far as how long we will serve with them, but Matthew says he wasn’t to grow old in Lesotho.

The kids are adjusting amazingly. I’m so proud of them. They are looking forward to getting back “home.” Caleb will transfer to the American International School of Lesotho when we get back. They miss “home.”

Pray for us as we transition. No matter what transition just stinks. It is bitter sweet. I keep having bad dreams of missing our flight and not being able to fit everything in our allotted bags. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have room for a suitcase of tortilla chips and con queso sauce. =( sacrifices.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for those of you who are supporters, both in prayer and financial partnership. We truly appreciate you. We’re at 99.9% of our support. Praise God. To learn more about our ministry go to our ministry page.




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