Mountain Pastor’s Weekend

Since Matthew and I were preparing to come to Africa to serve with MAF we have had a heart to see the lost be set free from the chains that enslave, and we have felt passionately that a partnership with the local church is crucial to this happening. This past weekend was a testament to God’s faithfulness after a year and a half of praying.

We did our first trip of twelve this past weekend. Two generous donors have provided the funds to do one flight a month for a year. Our desire is to eventually raise the money to do two flights, so if you are interested in partnering with the local churches of Lesotho to reach the most isolated in the mountains let me know, please! We have pastors from different denominations and backgrounds coming together for one purpose.

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Matthew and the pastors talking with the Chief, in the blue shirt with the red stripe. The Chief even got Matthew to lead two songs…probably my favorite moment! Anything for Jesus! haha.

Saturday we left the kids early, before they rose with our Mosotho house helper, ‘M’e Mampho. Yes, it was hard. Especially since the day before I was updating our temporary guardianship paperwork, and packing an evacuation bag for the kids just in case something happened due to the political instability right now leading up to elections on Saturday February 28th. Thankfully nothing eventful happened while we were gone and the kids did great with Mme!

It was so exciting to meet these Pastors and their passion for their own people. They had planned the whole trip and were ready! It was so exciting to be able to fly to our location in the mountains in 28 minutes, where using a car would have taken probably close to 16 hours of travel. There was so much freedom knowing they had planned everything out.

We saw God work in so many ways! The first was clearing the early morning clouds that were threatening to cancel the trip. We saw food provided for us when we forgot ours at home. We found warmth in our sleeping bags when we didn’t pack coats. We found the Chief just in time before it started raining harder and Matt, myself and Abutie Karabo were able to go through a track that explained who Jesus is with him and how to have a relationship with him. We saw the clouds and rain clear up just in time to show the Jesus film Saturday night. We saw 50 people commit their lives to Christ and receive the Word! We saw villages come together in a field on Sunday to worship in a town that doesn’t have a church. We saw people who really had nothing, hungry for the only thing that can truly satisfy. We saw the Pastors passion for their own people! We saw the main Pastor and the Chief plan where the church would be built in the future. The chief gifted the pastors land and permission to build a church!

We are bursting with His Faithfulness! “Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him and HE will act!” Psalm 37:5