Salt and Light Church

We’ve been at our church here in Lesotho for almost 9 months now.  We go to Salt and Light Christian Community Church. It’s about 20 minute drive from our house. We meet at a high school building which is nice because there is a huge fence around the school, so Caleb and the other kids can run free in and out of the building. There are usually kids from the community playing a game of ball at one side of the school, and a large group of high school kids washing clothes and cleaning in one of the buildings since it is also a boarding school. They know Caleb as Toka, his Sesotho name, meaning Justice. (That makes me Me MaToka ~ Mother of Justice.)

Our church has a huge heart for missions! It is refreshing to see them so outwardly focused. I think we have four church plants in the mountains of Lesotho, and one of our pastors goes once a month to one of the churches. At Easter there were four groups that went out, and there is a “Missions Sunday” once a month.

We started going here because one of our friends and co-workers is the worship leader here. God confirmed in Matt’s heart that this is where our family is to go, and so we are obedient.



Matthew watching the youth put on a “drama” for youth Sunday. It’s funny- they had a “special Sunday service” and we were unclear about why it was going to be special. We knew it was something about families and marriage. I heard them saying that we were going to sit in different seats… So we got to church and discovered that it was a special day where all the husbands and wives were sitting with each other. Haha. It was a special service on marriage and was opened up for discussion at the end. It was so strange to see the men dispersed among the church with the ladies, and not just in the first few rows all together. there was lots of nervous giggles and i felt like i was in high school again. Haha. During introductions Matt stated that we were married 5 years, and the pastor then made everyone go back and say how long they had been married. Our pastor has 32 years, and many of the other leaders have in the 20’s as well! I was so impressed. In a culture where infidelity runs rampant, there was faithful commitment being modeled joyfully! Praise God.



I spy with my little eye- Chloe. She is loved by all. Retabile is holding here here, a young girl who really enjoys her. This is after service when everyone is just meeting and greeting and I’m waiting by the car- eating something because it’s 2 in the afternoon and chugging my extra cup of coffee i brought. Waiting for Matthew to finnish talking and trying to be social.


We’ve seen a dozen or so young people give their lives to Christ since we’ve been here! It’s a Holy moment. When i see this, it makes all the discomfort and awkwardness and isolation that i feel going to church worth it. God keeps telling me over and over and then over again- that “This is not about you Carolyn. I’m doing something really big here. I’m working, just stay faithful.”


Matthew got to preach this week! He was asked to talk to honor and celebrate the older folks in the church. An honor indeed. He talked about the greatness of the universe and how small we are, but how God still loves and cares for each of us! Amazing Love. The youth sang and performed to honor them too. Culture shock was at it s height as we sat through a 4 hour service. We also had a chuckle as they didn’t have a word in Sesotho for galaxy. So proud of Matthew and it’s cool to see how the men include and respect Matt as well.



This is a rare sight. Lasting about 2 min. Caleb’s ready to play and wondering why everyone has to stay so still, and what are they saying? I can’t blame him for not wanting to stay in here. Sigh. He doesn’t understand. All the kids 13 and younger are in one room, and worst of all the teachers have a big stick, and punish you with a pinch on the ear lobe if you don’t  mimic, memorize and perform like expected. I pray for these young ones, that the joy and truth would sink deep.


Caleb is a bit a lone ranger at church. School is out for winter break so the girls aren’t out doing their wash. And I can’t get him to stay in the Sunday school room. So he either runs around with who ever he can find, or he sits in church with us.


One of the best parts about church lately is that one of our soccer boys, Tsepo is now coming with us! Praise God. When ever i’m feelings exhausted and sorry for myself because i can’t understand anything and my kids are causing a scene, I can look over and see him with his hands lifted high, and I know it’s worth it.


photo 1

Selfies  on the iPad~ yes i let my kid play on an iPad during church. Another thing I do in church that I said I would never do is nurse, gasp, with out a cover. Haha. I did it first at a ladies meeting and many of them congratulated me afterwards that I’m starting to feel at home. They laugh and furrow their brow when I explain what a private thing nursing is in the States. Here if the baby cries, men and women will grab their breast to show you you should nurse. While driving, in church anywhere. And they’re not conservative. Although i still expose as little as humanly possible- I do enjoy that the woman behind me aren’t shy to bend over and tickle Chloes’ check and coo at her while she’s eating. I enjoy the community aspect of this culture a lot.


Friendships beginning. Lebo helps watch Chloe in kids church.


and our drop pot =)



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