It’s Baby Blob Monson

photo-4 2Top Secret Bio

Name: Baby Blob Monson

Born: TBD (July 22nd 2013, ish ish)

Favorite Activity: Baby Sleeping (As stated by Caleb)

Favorite Prank: Making Mommy Sick

Personality: Adventurer (I’m moving to Africa people!)

With great excitement we get to meet a new member of the Monson family this summer.  Baby blob can’t wait to join the team and start this new adventure overseas.  Baby blob is excited to be born in the United States and meet the extended family, but can’t wait to travel…quiet the adventurer for only being 8 weeks old.  Baby blob has a strong heart beat and lots of attitude.  Baby’s favorite prank from the womb is to make mommy sick…what a sense of humor already!  We all can’t wait to see you, especially Caleb, who continues to remark how much baby is a good sleeper…it’s obvious, if baby is not playing, baby must be sleeping.  Sleep well little one, can’t wait to meet you.