Lesotho (La-Sue-Two) is a small mountainous country landlocked by South Africa.  Without the small airplane, nearly 75 percent of the population would be a great challenge to reach as there are very few, mostly impassible roads through the ongoing peaks and ranges.  The country side is some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen photographed.

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The Basotho shepherds are the most un-evangelized and unreached people in Lesotho.  They live very simple lives and are taught their trade at an early age.  Nearly one-quarter to one-third of these people are infected with HIV/AIDS, which is one of the highest infection rates in the world.  The government has asked MAF to come, serve, and help combat the challenging medical difficulties the people face.  We are able to show Christ to the people in a physical and tangible way.  This service has opened the door and people’s hearts to see that Jesus is Lord.

Carolyn and I will live in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho.  We heard that many people speak English in the city, which will help our transition overseas.  We will invest in learning their language, Sesotho, on our own.  There is no official language study course.  Sesotho is very different than any latin based language…there are even a few click sounds thrown around.  Should be fun.

Send us any questions you may have?  mmonson@maf.org

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