Lesotho Continued…

Carolyn and I will live in the capital city of Maseru.  The city sits 5,000 feet above the sea and by Heading East the mountains rise quickly peaking at 11,400 feet.  The average of these altitudes make it the most elevated country in the world, which is why people refer to it as the mountain kingdom or kingdom in the sky.

The MAF team has been present in Lesotho since 1980.  Nine families and many nationals currently serve in the program meaning we will have many mentors and friends.  MAF Lesotho is blessed to have a national pastor Sefiri part of the team, expanding the opportunities and effectiveness of the ministry.  We are excited to see how God has orchestrated the uniqueness of this group to serve Him in Africa.  MAF has a fleet of five Cessna 206 aircraft to serve the mountain people and this plane is sure a workhorse.  It has the versatility of carrying a heavy load while flying in high terrain and landing on a small landing strips…exactly what we need.

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Having a national pastor on staff has had a great impact on reaching the Basotho.  I will include some wonderful stories from Sefiri soon


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