Where in the world are the Monsons?

Since the beginning of our MAF journey life has been full of surprise and change.  In the last five years we have moved five times.  Some moves were planned well in advanced. Some moves happened quickly, but it never seems to get easier…just faster.  Two years ago we were 25 years away from applying with MAF, but God changed our timeline and allowed us to apply, interview, and begin deputation in under a year.  During our application the doctors found an abnormality in my left lung, which potentially would end my dreams with MAF and my entire flight career.  While I waited for the results from the doctor over the weekend, I had a chance to lay down my career at the Lord’s feet, but the results were healthy and I was able to continue.

I can keep going with this for awhile, but I think you get the idea.  We experienced life does not occur at our pace, for our reasons, the way we think it will happen.  God is in control.  He knows what will grow us in His image. He uses change and surprise to refine us and forces us to rely on Him as we recognize we are not in control.  This is another one of those moments and opportunities…

Carolyn and I have been redirected to serve Mission Aviation Fellowship in Lesotho, Africa (La-Sue-Two). In the change of course, God has revealed His presence in the details and we have a great excitement for this new location.  Lesotho is a wonderful fit for our family and we believe God has prepared this Southern area of Africa for our service.  Our timeline has changed because we no longer learn French in Quebec this January, but we are planning to travel in July/August of 2013.  Overall, we will be serving in-country sooner.  Check out our newest newsletter with more information here: www.maf.org/monson and I will be posting more information about MAF Lesotho soon…

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