The Frozen North…Sherbrooke, Quebec

A few pictures, diagrams, and thoughts…

Looks cold…is cold…cold

The cold season lasts from December 3 to March 10 with an average daily high temperature below 33°F. The coldest day of the year is January 20, with an average low of 1°F and high of 22°F.

Average Temperature Band in Sherbrooke, Quebec

I just want to point out that the above graph needed a “frigid” section…oh dear….

Carolyn and I cannot believe we are counting down the months until language school.  Last week we were officially accepted to attend the Winter class in Sherbrooke, Quebec.  This week we received our informational packet and things got real…we are actually moving to Canada in 3 months to learn French!!!  I wasn’t thinking about packing, or moving, or leaving my home town, or not seeing my extended family…it’s crazy how all of this stuff is upon us now.  I would like to give more of my time to planning and thinking about living in a strange and foreign environment, but the activities of support raising is drawing most of my attention.

In the next three months we pray to increase our support level 30 percent.  That is an ambitious task and one that God could easily overcome.  First of all, I give so much praise to God for giving us nearly 70 percent of our support by September.  This is such an amazing thing to experience…I have seen God weaving together people and unique stories to build a partnership team to help us serve in Africa.  There is nothing like support raising.  It can be so exhausting and yet exhilarating at the same time.  God has shown me so much during the past 7 months.  It’s one thing to say you trust the Lord with the things of your life, but another to see him caring for the things of your life.  So the next three months will be quite an adventure.  I’m excited to see God work in many situations and am looking forward to church presentations and the individuals we meet and begin to build stronger relationships with.  It is always fun to think about a person we meet at a random church may be someone we have as a supporter for 20 years…a stranger now, but such a bond and connection as we minister together for the Lord.  

I would like to praise the Lord for a few things…

  • We have on campus housing in Sherbrooke, which means we have a fully furnished place to live.  We also have easy travels to school.
  • Caleb is such an amazing kid.  He is rarely ever upset and loves to be social and engages people in his activities…this is such a wonderful trait when you are visiting with many people.
  • There are many doors that are cracked open for our support to increase.  I am so thankful for these possibilities and am excited to see what fruit God produces through them.
  • Carolyn and I will be at the MAF headquarters in October for culture training.  I am so grateful to have an organization that will invest in our success in foreign environments.
  • 4 years of marriage.  Carolyn is wonderful and I would have never expected to have grown this much and seen so much change in our lives in such a short time.  She is the perfect person to have for this adventure.