Summer update


Matthew was headed out again to do a “church tour” as he calls it. South this time. I sent out prayer emails and asked the Lord the send his mighty angels out ahead and clear a way, and prepare the hearts of the people that Matthew would come in contact with. Late into the afternoon Matthew returned, tired, but encouraged. He had dropped off 10 or so packets with different churches in the Skagit Valley area and followed up with a few other pastors from a previous trip- (making the total number of church “cold” contacts over 100!) He shared his good news with me- Ed, a pastor from a AG church had invited us to come and speak at their church in three weeks at an evening service, AND there would be a family there who has served in the Congo for over 20 years, who had their lives saved by MAF! THis all came together during their conversation, as Matthew saw the missionary pictures on the wall that the church supported and noticed that one of them was from the Congo.

I was able to attend a Women’s lunch in and hear Suzanne share about her life and ministry and their experience with MAF. She said, “if it wasn’t for MAF there would be no way for us to get in and out of our town where we served. MAF were lifesaver.” The next day her, as her husband Pat shared at the morning service he had tears in his eyes as he recanted his experience of how a faithful MAF pilot, Dave J (who we will be serving with in the Congo) remained faithful to his word, and showed up one Monday morning to pick him up from a secluded town with no cell service despite the fact that the whole area was being evacuated due to the rebel attacks pressing in from the Lord’s Resistance Army, (LRA), known for their vicious rapes and terror on many of the tribes in the surrounding areas where we will be living and serving in the NE area of Congo.    Pat reminded us why we are doing what we’re doing.  He reminded us that the sacrifice and the struggles with raising support is totally worth it. MAF makes it possible everyday for thousands of people to more efficiently serve God and each other! We are the wings that help other people soar!

We recently moved back to Bellingham! It has been the first time we have had our own home in over a year and we are loving it! Community living taught us a lot through the good and the bad, and we are thankful for the experience and the sacrifice of two church families to let us live with them.  We are thankful that the Lord has provided Matthew’s Grandparents home (fully furnished) for us to live in until January when we leave for language school. Matt’s Grandparents both passed away this Spring.

Our Summer has been filled with a trip to Spokane and Tri Cities to network and share at a church and also a trip to Nampa, ID to the MAF headquarters to get some security training. We have presented at six churches, four small groups and numerous individuals searching for the team that God has to support us and also to encourage and educate people about Mission Aviation Fellowship and the Congo. We love meeting new people and sharing what God has done in our lives! It is so clear that this is what he would have us doing, as he has removed so many barriers in our lives to get us here. To think that just a year and a half ago we had $20,000 in student loans, and Matthew was looking for a second job- even considered being a carpenter to pay off our loans, and through the help of dear friends of ours and Matthew’s Grandfather- today we are debt free and headed to Africa with MAF! It seemed it was right when i surrounded our dreams and desires to the Lord, as i help my new baby in my arms, and said, “not my will, but yours God…i will be content where ever you have me, even if it means staying here in the states…” that was the time he had friends pay off so much of our student loans that we were able to apply with MAF the next day! WOW! He is GOOD!

So as the Fall is approaching, we are still praying and working on building our support team. We are currently at 62% of our on going monthly support, and 55% of our one time fee- for moving and language school, and travel etc. We want to be at 100% by the time we leave for language school in January, in Quebec Canada to learn French! Wee wee! We would ask that you consider joining our prayer and financial team and help us serve the Lord in Africa. We’re currently looking for 4 churches to support us at $300 a month, and for 25 individuals to commit to giving $60 a month. Would you be one of them?

We would love to get together for coffee some time- call us to meet up! (425) 478-6548 Matthew



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