Almost half way there…

Matthew and i are almost half way to our full support!

To be at 100% of our monthly support we still need $3,670 pledged monthly.

We’ve broken down the specific amounts below:

15 people @ $100 a month

13 people @ $75 a month

15 people @ $50 a month

15 people @ $30 a month

We are also raising money to go into our “Outgoing funds” or special donations that will help pay for language school, transportation, vaccinations, and our shipment to the Congo. We have already received 35% of the money needed! Thank you to everyone who has sacrificed for us! We still need to raise $23,500 to be at 100%.

We are confident that God is calling individuals like you to be part of our team. Will you consider what category you might fall into? You can sign up to give online at or email us and let us your interest.

A story from Jon Cadd, a pilot in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

I love the variety in my life. It is wonderful to be able to help people in many different ways and it is great to have the element that makes everything come together.

The last couple of flights I have done have been interesting that way.  Besides just getting people where they need to go to get the work they need to do done, I have been able to get injured people to hospital and move men and machines around where they are needed, take some missionaries out to do work with translation teams and take medicines to a couple of clinics.  It kinda makes you feel like you got something done.  Even if the sky is dirty.  Another lovely day at the office!

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