What’s Next

The first step of the overseas journey is to build a team of partners that will support us in prayer and financially.  We cannot go without financial backing to move overseas and maintain a ministry with monthly supporters.  It would also be foolish to attempt such a feat without a team praying for us and bringing this journey before the Lord.  We begin this new stage of life in the most NW part of the U.S. outside of Alaska (which who counts Alaska?)…Lynden!

Home sweet Home

You sure your not in Canada yet?

After one month of support raising we have felt absolutely blessed from local churches, friends and family that have come along side of us.  We hope to raise 10 percent of growth towards our financial goal every month and we are on our way to see 15 percent in the first month…

If you want to become a part of our team sign up at www.maf.org/monson on the right hand side of the page!!!

Homeward Bound

Our candidate class

Wow!  The past month has been a crazy ride.  We arrived in Nampa ID by January 9th…we were not a part of MAF and felt called to Indonesia.  During the first two weeks God opened our hearts to serve Him wherever that may be.  It’s crazy to look back at these events now because it feels like we have known about the DRC for years.  Our time at headquarters was like drinking from a firehouse.  We learned so much and worked so hard and really grew.  MAF is such an amazing God honoring organization and I am proud to serve God through them.  I was blessed to spend a month with the people in our class.  I will remember our time together for many years and am excited to see how God moves and works in each persons life.